How Mental Health Providers Save Lives (and it’s not how you think)

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    Everyone knows that smoking tobacco is bad for your health. Smoking harms nearly every organ in the body. Tobacco is the number one cause of preventable death in the US, killing more people than alcohol, car accidents, illegal drugs, complications of HIV/AIDS, murders and suicides combined.   People smoke to cope with stress in their lives. People smoke … Read More

7 Troubling Facts about E-cigarettes

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  You might have heard about electronic-cigarettes (e-cigs) and vape pens, but there is a lot you might not know about who makes them, what they are made of, and how they are dangerous. Each year, new designs diversify how people consume nicotine.   How they work: The e-cigarette’s battery heats up an atomizer that heats a liquid. This liquid … Read More

How the Gender Binary is Bad for Your Health

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Are you a boy or a girl no

The gender binary falsely assumes that gender and sexuality can be neatly divided into two categories, male and female. The gender binary polices people’s expression and behavior based on their sex at birth. Read about the four myths that make up the gender binary in our last blog post.   When the gender binary is imposed on a diverse group … Read More

4 Myths that Define the Gender Binary

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4 Myths that Define the Gender Binary

What is the gender binary? The gender binary falsely makes simple gender and sex, which are, in reality, complex and varied. The gender binary exists because of four myths.   1. There are only two biological sexes.   When a baby human is born, doctors and parents look at the baby’s genitals to determine its sex. They say, “It’s a … Read More

Smoking is More Likely to Kill a Person Living with HIV than to Die of an AIDS-Related Illness

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Smoking is More Likely to Kill a Person Living with HIV than to Die of an AIDS-Related Illness

NBC news recently reported that smoking is more likely to kill a person living with HIV, than complications associated with HIV, when the person with HIV is taking “cocktail” of HIV medication.   Like many people experiencing discrimination and isolation, people living with HIV smoke much higher rates than the general population.   “A person with HIV who consistently takes … Read More

Addictions: Feeding the Hungry Ghost

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Addiction: Feeding the Hungry Ghost by Kenneth Winfrey, LMSW     As members of Fierce Pride, we get great inspiration from our work. Not only in what we can do as an individual to help improve health for LGBTQ people, but also what it means to do so in a way that truly acknowledges the diversity of our community. Our … Read More

New Mexico Resource: UNM Truman Health Services

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UNM Truman Health Services has been committed to providing the highest quality HIV care to New Mexicans since 1985. In addition to operating a fully equipped primary care center for people living with HIV which gives patients access to the latest medical, behavioral, and complementary therapies, UNM THS also provides prevention and outreach services including: free and confidential rapid HIV … Read More

Bisexuals Face Unique Challenges to Health and Well-Being

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Something is going on with the health and well-being of bisexuals, young and old, in New Mexico and in the United States. State and national surveys have begun to systematically collect sexual orientation data, bringing this issue to the attention of public health professionals. This is a great development for the LGBTQ community. Having data to back up what community … Read More