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  • African American Tobacco Network of New Mexico

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    NMAAT has consistently provided activities, virtual and live workshops and events throughout New Mexico since 2004.  No Menthol Sundays are an example of work to specifically support NM African Americans.

    Each year NMAAT connects with different churches and is continuously reaching new people. In 2018, a minister not only used material in our sermons, but also shared them with his large following on social media. NMAAT outreach engages not only the church community directly, but also reaches more broadly as the church members who are influencers spread the word through their other social connections.

    Other examples of community-based events showcasing NMAAT’s outreach include Juneteenth and Black Expo. In 2018-19, the NMAAT developed content for an educational traveling display to be used with partners across the African American community. We are still seeking locations throughout the state where we might be invited to exhibit our display. Connect with us if you are interested in assisting us with an opportunity!

    In 2019 we engaged the New Mexico African American Artists’ Guild to help design a mobile exhibit for presentations and events. Its theme is “Black Wellness” and it is designed to not only net a great exhibit space, but also engages the communities’ vision of its best destiny.

  • Bold Futures

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    Bold Futures leads policy change, research, place-based organizing, and culture shift by and for women and people of color in New Mexico. Bold Futures centers the lived experiences and expertise of those most impacted by an issue, engaging with people at the intersection of their identities.

    We work to build communities where all have what we need to make real decisions about our own bodies and lives, and all have room to live with respect and dignity.

    Bold Futures was formerly known as Young Women United (YWU).

    Main office: (505)831-8930

  • Casa Q

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    Casa Q provides safe living options and services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQQ) youth, and allies who are at risk or experiencing homelessness.
    Albuquerque, NM
    (505) 872-2099

  • Champions of change in an agency

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    Champions of change are people within an organization, agency, school, or medical facility that want to see their organization adopt policies and make changes that improve the experience of LGBTQ+ people in those organizations.

    Bright Spaces, Welcome Places directory wants to partner with champions of change in mental health agencies.

    Champions can be anyone in an organization.

    Champions care about LGBTQ+ people and health equity.

    Champions build coalitions with everyone, including LGBTQ+ colleagues, allies, peers, decision-makers, and administration.

    Champions ask for and seek out training, especially multi-session training.

    For support for organizational-level change for health equity, contact us.


  • EQNM: Equality New Mexico

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    EQNM advocates for the well-being of LGBTQ people through political policy and advocacy.
    Albuquerque, NM (505) 224-2766


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    GLSEN (pronounced “glisten”) was founded in 1990 by a small, but dedicated group of teachers in Massachusetts who came together to improve an education system that too frequently allows its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) students to be bullied, discriminated against, or fall through the cracks.

    Past webinars on LGBT issues in K-12 education (Free)

    School Policy toolkit:

    Educator guides, inclusive curriculum, and more:

    Albuquerque Chapter: GLSEN Albuquerque


  • I Am Me: Understanding the Intersections of Gender, Sexuality, and Identity (41min)

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    “I am Me” is an educational training video that explores the challenges our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, etc. (LGBTQ+) young people face and how adults can be supportive allies. The video begins with the concepts of gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation and then explores the challenges that LGBTQ+ youth face through personal stories from young people and adult advocates. The video ends with youth sharing how they need to be supported and a checklist on how to participate in acts of allyship for LGBTQ+ youth. More resources for training found here: I_Am_Me_Resource_Guide
    This training is great for any adult who works with LGBTQ youth.

  • ICYC-In Case You’re Curious

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    Want to get answers to your LGBTQ+ and sexual health questions from a trained educator? Text “PPNM” to 57890 to connect with New Mexico Planned Parenthood Educators. They are knowledgable about gender and sexuality diversity and can connect you to NM resources. This text line is intended to be used by youth. Parents, educators and youth can learn more at

  • LGBTQ tobacco-free campaigns

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    This Free Life is a media campaign to educate the LGBTQ+ community about tobacco and nicotine use.

    Click here for the mobile-friendly This Free Life website.

    They have some great short PSA’s on Youtube.


    Behind the Haze educates young people about vaping and e-cigarettes.

    Click here for the mobile-friendly Behind the Haze website.

    Their youtube channel has informative videos for youth.

  • LGBTQ Tobacco/Nicotine Facts

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    Lesbian, gay, and bisexual New Mexicans use tobacco at a rate 50% higher than heterosexual people.

    [LGB (25.1%) vs. heterosexual (16.1%) Source: 2016-2018 NM BRFSS]


    Bisexual adults in New Mexico use tobacco at twice the rate of straight adults.

    [NM-IBIS, 2015-2017]


    More than half of gay and lesbian youth have used a tobacco or nicotine product compared to 30% of straight youth. 

    [NM-IBIS, 2017]


    59% of NM adult cigarette smokers made a serious quit attempt in the past year.

    (2016-2018 BRFSS, IBIS query:


    NM only recently started collecting information on transgender populations. Those data regarding tobacco use will be available in the coming years.

  • New Mexico Asian Family Center

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    New Mexico Asian Family center offers culturally sensitive programs and services creating a Pan-Asian Community that advocates for and supports itself.

    128 Quincy St NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87108
    (505) 717-2877

  • New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs, Inc.

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    If you are a survivor of sexual assault search this list for a provider near you:

    Sexual Assault Service Providers (SASP)

    If you are a survivor looking for a mental health provider who is knowledgeable about sexual abuse, see this list:

    New Mexico Mental Health Centers

    NMCSAP also has information and resources on the following topics

    General resources and information on consent, sexual violence, and abuse

    Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) programs and coordinators

    Sexual violence prention programs

    Video Trainings and Webinars

    Public Policy